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The Beauty of Sound

About our new podcast project:

A podcast about the power of audio. It’s about the influence of sound on human perception. 

As the assistant producer and creator of this podcast I will, produce each episode in my studio in the center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I will, edit the interviews, remove the narrator’s side of the conversation and condense the story to be tightly focused on Sound Design, Voice & Audio Branding. In this podcast series we will create 8 episodes. We’ll highlight distinctive and unique sounds and strategies and piece by piece, tell the story of how and why they were made and implemented.

Every episode also includes an audible tutorial geared explicitly towards marketers and Brand strategist to help them to get started with Audio Branding. Learn how to exploit the emergent power of audio now and prepare for the future. Because due to The Rise of Voice audio has become more important than ever before.  

Subscribe at www.maikelvanderwouden.com/podcast and meet the team.

The Beauty of Sound is made possible by our sponsors. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor on the show, please contact me at mail@maikelvanderwouden.com

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