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Voice-first strategies to promote a movie or tv show

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Sometimes it just takes a well-done trailer and a great soundtrack to promote a movie or tv show. Think about the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us, which retools Luniz’s “I’ve Got 5 on It” in a deliciously creepy way. But the inspiring, memorable marketing campaign of the new American stop-motion animated adventure film “Missing Link” takes a different form.

United Artists Releasing and digital agency Isobar have launched a new Alexa skill that lets kids and their parents join the characters of the movie in a series of goofy adventures.

It’s not just a straightforward PR stunt. It’s an inspiring experimental add-on experience. The goal is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the movie by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. 

People are more likely to engage with the story and go to the cinema to see the movie if an experience like this evokes truly genuine positive emotions. Because unconsciously, users will associate their experience with the Brand. 

We’re going to see a lot more interactive branded experiences like this in the next year as voice assistants like Google Assistant & Amazon’s Alexa become more and more powerful. How awesome would it be to have a truly immersive conversation with your favorite movie character? Who would you like to talk too? 

Other creative, experimental movie marketing campaigns include amazing VR & AR experiences to get fans excited. Try for example this one: The Meg: Submersive VR Experience

Whatever the method, a well-done marketing campaign for a well-done movie often means box office success.

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