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Empathy mapping provides deeper insight on how your Brands audible tone of voice is being perceived

A read about the value of empathy mapping.

To effectively influence the way, your Brand is being perceived it’s essential to gain a deeper insight into your customer’s attitudes and behaviors.

Creating an empathy map is a great collaborative tool you can use learn more about your customers, specific use cases, and contexts. It will help you to understand and define which underlying assumptions and needs your user has. It’s a smart way to gain insight into how you can best serve your audience.

To develop an audible tone of voice which consistently evokes the right emotions, you need to immerse yourself into the user’s environment and context. Only then the sound of your Brand’s voice and the way you speak truly influence the way your Brand is being perceived.

How to work with an empathy map?

1 Gather relevant information about the target audience of your Brand as possible.

2 Print out or sketch the empathy map template on a large piece of paper or whiteboard.

3 Try to find answers on the following questions and write them down on individual sticky notes.

  • What would the user be thinking & feeling when using your service or product?
  • Describe their emotional state of mind before using your service or product.
  • What’s the user hearing in its environment when they’re using your service or product?
  • What would the user see while using your service or product?
  • What might the user be saying and doing while using your service or product?

4 Every team member should add at least three sticky notes to every section.

5 Speak about the sticky notes and ask questions about their meaning as every team member places them on the empathy map.

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