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I will be giving a three-hour workshop at the VOICE Summit 2019, Newark, NJ.

Quick Guide: Voice-first Audio Branding

I’m happy to share that I will be giving a workshop and talk at the VOICE Summit 2019, Newark, NJ: the world’s largest voice-tech conference attracting 5,000+ developers, conversational designers, startups, brands, agencies and executives at the forefront of the voice-first era. 

Sign up for our workshop at www.maikelvanderwouden/workshops 

I am looking forward to this because I’m not a professional speaker. I’m an audiophile. Although I’ve trained professional speakers how to sound when their presenting (check out Immersive Speaking at https://voicebranding.nl/#casestudies). When I speak on-stage, I get nervous: My voice rate raises and the fundamental frequency of my voice as well. I don’t take long enough pauses in between my sentences and the intensity of my voice slightly drops. 

Within 2 seconds, people in the audience will have made judgments about me based on their personal, cultural, and aesthetic biases solely based on the sound of my voice. The audience will perceive me as young, inexperienced, and shy. It might even sound like I’ve got something to hide. 

But I don’t. I’m confident and proud to have created my own sound agency and a proven method to exploit the power of audio to shape your Brand’s identity further. So during my talks, I change my audible tone of voice to explain further how it influences the way you perceive my personal Brand and how you can exploit the power of audio to make sure your Brand is being perceived correctly to shape your Brands Identity further.


Information about the workshop:

In the “Quick Guide: Voice-first Audio Branding” workshop (3 hours), participants learn the basics of voice-first audio branding. As well as how excellent Voice Branding Guidelines effectively influence the way your Brand is being perceived. You will also learn how to start defining what your Brand sounds like and how sound can differentiate your experiences, enhance recall, create preference, and build trust.

The Voice Branding introduction workshop is based on a strategy program offered at many companies and corporations, taught by Maikel van der Wouden, co-founder & CEO at Voicebranding.ai & Phoebe Ohayon, co-founder & strategy lead at Voicebranding.ai. It’s time to learn how to create an effective audio strategy and design unique branded voices for your experiences.

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