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Immerse audio content is extremely powerful to engage audiences and drive performance.

Break through a content-cluttered environment.

On-demand audio streaming now accounts for more than 54 percent of total audio consumption. Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Deezer are more popular than ever before, and streaming’s growth is shaping the audio consumption market.

Podcasts also have never been as popular as they are today. Most people now listen to podcasts, and the percentage who do has risen considerably over just the past year. Nowadays, If you mention the word “podcast” to people, many immediately come up with a list of “must listens”.

From a marketers perspective, audio content provides an excellent opportunity to reach people that are listening to music or enjoying an exciting podcast on headphones in their personal bubble.

But these days it takes more than just an ordinary audio commercial to breakthrough a content-cluttered audio streaming environment.

It takes high quality immersive audio content placed between the ears of the right people at the right time to engage audiences and drive performance.

Two tips on how to break through a content-cluttered audio streaming environment:

  • Programmatic audio ads

It’s the use of technology to automate the selling and insertion of advertisements in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services. It enables you to target specific audiences at a particular time or during a specific event with more relevant message’s.

“We ran a campaign with Nestle and Zenith last year to test the effectiveness of this where we used all three and looked at the incremental reach on display and video by themselves versus display, video, and audio bundled together. We kept the budget and frequency the same. The latter showed an incrementality of 58% reach. The audio proportion of that was 30% of the budget, but it reflected 51% of the reach – so even from a standalone perspective audio was strong.” Said Paul Cocks, EMEA product strategy lead, Google.

  • Voice-enabled audio ads.

Voice-enabled audio ads allow advertisers to utilize interactive voice ads that prompt consumers to naturally and verbally respond to offers.

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