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Today's consumers expect Brands to inspire them

Propositions that genuinely resonate are emotionally driven.

What does it take to inspire someone?

Inspiring Brand’s that are achieving fantastic success, making a difference, and contributing positively to our culture and community share the following common traits:

  1. They have forged their authentic path
  2. They are altruistic
  3. They are riveting storytellers

To devise an audio strategy that aligns with these common traits, you need to challenge industry standards to differentiate your Brand’s experience.

Connect products to emotions and consistently appeal to your customer’s ability to associate sound with meaningful feelings because today’s key purchase question is no longer “what does it do” but “how does it make me feel”.   

People care less about your product’s features and all its competitive advantages. Instead, they care about the story that you sell and whether or not they feel connected to it. Propositions that genuinely resonate are emotionally driven. They are about mindshare and heart share.

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Buy Me Breakfast

I know what I am going to do when I am allowed to go to cafes again. I am going to buy myself a delicious breakfast. And I’ll buy you one as well. I am going to look for 5 people. I’ll ask them to test my work. With simple questions I am going to learn about 85% of the usability problems. Not like this: Did this notification sound give you the information you needed in your experience?

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150 It Is. For now…

“More isn’t always better, Linus. Sometimes it’s just more”. – The Movie Sabrina (1995). Do large communities add more value than smaller ones According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, the “magic number” is 150. His theory concludes that we can only really maintain about 150 connections at a time.

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Sometimes More Is Just More

We can hardly remember a time when all of this wasn’t possible. Online communication tools and social platforms enabled us to develop bigger communities more easily. But do we achieve so much more by making everything bigger? Sometimes people tend to focus so hard on making everything bigger that they lose sight of what’s really important.

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