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BBC Inspires Producing Beeb

We need to learn how to use voice branding to articulate our thoughts, ideas, and needs.

I think BBC inspires producing its own in-house voice assistant called Beeb.

They removed their podcasts from certain Google products, and their radio stations are also disappearing from TuneIn. 

They must have realized that they were becoming one of many vying to sell their content through companies that own and continue to build the actual customer relationship. 

I recently attended an event where broadcasters talked about the same subject. Let me give you an example: If you say “OK Google, play Qmusic.” Google instantly starts a Qmusic stream via TuneIn. The Consumer gets what he or she wants, but Qmusic doesn’t. Only if you say, “OK Google, talk to Qmusic.” it starts the Qmusic action. But let’s be honest. Nobody does it like that.   

The most significant part of the reward goes to companies that provide the service, not the ones who actually create the content.

“The Broadway producer makes a profit, the chorus member ekes out a living. Either you’re doing the hard part or you’re left out of the transaction.” – Seth Godin.

I would recommend reading this article by Seth Godin. Think about, reread it, and then think about your industry.

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