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If you win the morning, you win the day.

It’s true that you may find your success in someone else’s routine. But still, The secret of your brand’s future is hidden in your own daily routine.

Often UX begins each morning. “Hey Google, good morning.” A single phrase like this allows you to trigger a sequence of multiple actions, aka a routine

At first, people try-out ready-made routines that are available on Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. But these templates often do not last very long because thank god; we are all different. 

Luckily were enabled to customize our personal routines to our own liking easily.  

Let me give you an example. If I say: “Hey Google, good morning.” My Assistant starts to play the news provided by “News company X,” after it gives me traffic information provided by “Traffic information company Y,” and finally, it starts to play my favorite daily podcast show by “Amazing podcast company Z.” 

Today, tomorrow, every day. There’s a huge opportunity here. Being part of somebody’s routine is an important advantage when it comes to building stronger relationships with consumers.  

Besides, routines are very popular among users. Services by commercial broadcasting company RTL, targeted towards the daily routines of consumers, are already reaching more than 200.000 playouts per month. That’s impressive for this relatively young market in which already more than 5% of the households use a smart speaker. 

Now I know all this sounds great, but the challenge is to get people to add your service to their routines. Therefore it’s necessary to inspire and earn enough respect while building interest and brand awareness around your service. 

It’s true that you may find your success in someone else’s routine. But still, The secret of your brand’s future is hidden in your own daily routine:     

  • Be there
  • Be yourself
  • Be altruistic
  • Be consistent

There is more in this thank you might think. If you are able to inspire and fulfill your user’s needs consistently, you might preserve a top of mind status for a specific use case that people turn into a personal standalone shortcut/routine.

For example: Let’s say you are very content with a specific service that gives you your traffic information. It’s already in your morning routine sequence together with all your other morning favorites, but you find yourself using it a lot on your way home after work as well. 

You do tired of telling your voice assistant to talk to “Traffic information company Y” every time. 

Instead, you would like to say something like “Hey Google, TRAFFIC,” so you create a custom routine, but instead of adding a sequence of multiple actions, you just add the service you prefer for traffic information. 

Once again, be there, be yourself, be altruistic, be consistent, and become Traffic information company Y.

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