One Way or Another

Let’s find each other.

Events and meetups provide a great way to maintain relationships and meet new contacts. But because of the corona-crisis, everything is canceled. We can’t meet in person.

So let’s find each other online. Reach out to new people, join an online event, and make sure to check in with people you already know. 

That last one is very important. Because when we go to an event or meetup, for many of us, the main goal is really: to provide extra value to the connections you already have. 

People do this by looking for ways to help someone else. Perhaps you can connect them to someone else from your network who can help them? Or perhaps you have recently read an interesting article that addresses their pain points that you can share with them? 

These days, any positive input is generally appreciated, as long as you don’t expect anything in return. 

In short, be sincere. “we’re in the same boat“.


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