Easier Said Than Done.

Community Building

Some people say that offline networking is better for those trying to increase their local presence.

Others believe that online networking works best at all times. It’s faster, simple, and more efficient.

Taking advantage of both worlds is what most people advise.

Easier said than done. 

Of course, it pays off, but only if you are willing to do the hard work.

Realize that online; it requires much more than posting on social media a few times a week. And offline, it’s more than organizing a meetup every now and then. 

Here’s a start. 

  1. Start consistent interaction with a handful of like-minded people both online (every week) and offline (every two weeks).

  2. Setup 5 sessions in the next three months with this same group to work on content that explains your drive and connecting factors.

  3. Share this content, and ask one person each, to gather detailed feedback.

  4. Study the feedback and set up 5 more sessions to create additional content and create guidelines for communication to ensure continuity.

  5. Organize your first small meetup around the theme that is central to the content created. Invite two experts to elaborate on the topic and ask everyone in the group to invite two people that can add value to the movement you are starting.

  6. Repeat this process with a slightly bigger group, but this time define objectives you can fulfill before organizing the second meetup. 




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