Sometimes More Is Just More

Community Building

Today there are hundreds of online tools that help us communicate with friends, colleagues, and contacts.

Most of us make grateful use of this. We chat, call, update, and meet each other more often online than offline. 

Because it’s more convenient…

  • Fewer restrictions
  • It’s less effort
  • You get used to it quickly. 

We can hardly remember a time when all of this wasn’t possible. 

Online communication tools and social platforms enabled us to develop bigger communities more easily. But do we achieve so much more by making everything bigger? 

Sometimes people tend to focus so hard on making everything bigger that they lose sight of what’s really important. 

There is rarely build something meaningful on easy street, and more isn’t always better, sometimes it’s is just more.

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Let it Beeb

Did you know that this is the sound of Canon AE-1? So anytime you take a photo on your iPhone, you actually hear the sound of a Canon AE-1. Ever since I know this I think about Canon every time I hear somebody taking a picture with an iPhone. The AE-1 was manufactured by Canon in Japan from April 1976 to 1984. It was the first in what became a complete overhaul of Canon’s line of SLRs.

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3D Audio

3D audio is the digital recreation of sound we hear everyday in the real world. It’s always around us and it can come from any direction. This is what we call spatial sound. It combines the interactions between acoustic sound waves, the space and interactions with our head and ears. Most immersive audio concepts have existed for decades. But the interest in immersive audio has increased enormously in recent years…

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More Creators, Do We Need Them?

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. – Bill Gates. The term engineering is derived from the Latin ingenium, meaning “cleverness” and “to contrive, devise”. To plan, or invent by careful thought. This inspired me. These days a lot of people call themselves a creator. To “create” means to put something into existence.