Data visualization: Faster and better results.

If only programming languages were high school subjects instead of French, German and Spanish.

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Data visualization helps you to create visual representations of (large) data sets. The use of Javascript and/or Python to create data visualizations in your user research saves time. 

Data visualizations such as charts (line, bar, or pie), plots (bubble or scatter), diagrams, and more, can help you to find relevant connections in your data and draw conclusions.

But visualizing data can be quite a time-consuming activity. Especially if you do it all by hand step by step and if you need to follow brand guidelines and a strict style guide.

Luckily, there are many techniques that researchers and designers use to make the data visualization process faster and better.

JavaScript or Python, or a combination of both, are often used for data processing and visualization. 

Both options require some programming skills.  Python is more beginner-friendly, and JavaScript contains more complexities.

For both researchers and designers, data analysis and visualization are very important. Consider learning Python and/or Javascript for intellectual growth. It’s more than worth the effort.