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Exploit the power of Sound


Voice-first Audio Branding, participants learn the basics of voice-first audio branding. As well as how great Voice Branding Guidelines effectively influence the way your brand is being perceived. You will also learn how to start defining what your Brand sounds like and how sound can differentiate your experiences, enhance recall, create preference and build trust.


I write about sound, audio branding, the importance of the sound of your voice and the way you talk, marketing and content production on a daily basis. 

Because you want to further shape your Brand's identity


The Beauty of Sound is a podcast about discovering the power of audio and learning how to exploit it to influence the way your Brand is being perceived. Coming soon


Maikel’s passion is the power of audio. He is an audible brand strategist with an audio engineering background. He worked with a lot of interesting companies and corporations including; Pepsico, ABN AMRO, KRO NCRV. 


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Co-founder & CEO

Your brand’s auditory tone of voice has an essential influence on your customer at every touch point. Because within 2 seconds people make judgments about the character that speaks to them based on the sound of its voice and the way it speaks. You can’t ignore the impact of sound. Start managing your Brand’s auditory tone of voice today.


Audio Strategy Director

What does you Brand sound like? A Great audio branding strategy can influence the way your Brand is being perceived. It can change retail behavior, brand engagement, staff well being and productivity, marketing communication effectiveness, customer satisfaction and much more.


Audio Branding
Auditory Tone of Voice
Audio Strategy Consultancy
UX/UI Sound Design
VR/AR 3D Sound


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My office is located in the center of Amsterdam. 1015 JA, Kattenburgersrtaat 5. mail@maikelvanderwouden.com

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