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The Power of Sound

The audio revolution is a logical response that today’s consumers expect products and services to be faster, convenient, and, if possible, hands-free. In this episode, Phoebe dives more in-depth into the world of sound, how it works and shares use cases that use the power of sound. 

3D audio

In this episode, Phoebe introduces the principles of 3D audio. How are we able to locate sounds coming from different directions around us? And why is this relevant in content creation since more and more devices and platforms support spatial audio formats? Phoebe will also discuss some of the terminologies, the essential 3D audio formats out there, and some of the buzzwords.

The sound of electric cars

The sound of cars has been fascinating to so many people for decades. But why? And is it just the sound of the engine? I feel like, nowadays it’s not just the stuff that is going on under the hood anymore. It’s the complete experience. In this episode, I explore why car sounds matter.

Auditory Superpowers

Auditory Superpowers: Giving people the ability to hear things that are not there. In this podcast episode, Phoebe talks with Daniel Colaianni from AIXR (The Academy of International Extended Reality) about giving people auditory superpowers using a combination of advanced technology. How do AI, beamforming and noise cancelation, and other components come into play? They discuss the technical elements involved like beamforming, noise cancelation, devices, and immersive platforms. Daniel paints a clear picture of the data used to achieve this while also providing insights into his perspective on privacy.


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