Creating a brand voice

Manage your Brand’s identity through sound.

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About the workshop

We help you design
the sound of your Brand.

Most people think that if you have the right words to say, people will believe you and connect with you. But the sound of your voice and how you speak counts for more than 90% In whether or not somebody will connect with you, believe you or even listen to a single word you say.

In the quick guide version of this workshop (4 hours), participants learn the basics of voice-first audio branding. As well as how great Voice Branding Guidelines effectively influence the way your brand is being perceived. You will also learn how to start defining what your Brand sounds like and how sound can differentiate your experiences, enhance recall, create preference and build trust.

The Voice Branding introduction workshop is based on a strategy program offered at many companies and corporations including Pepsico & KRO NCRV (Dutch Public Broadcaster), taught by Maikel van der Wouden, co-founder & CEO at & Phoebe Ohayon, co-founder & strategy lead at It’s time to learn how to create an effective audio strategy and design unique branded voices for your experiences.


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